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Erasmus+ | Strategic partnership (KA2) 2014-2016
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Prevention of early school leaving by creating synergy between schools and the world of work.

The School & Work project brought together schools and the world of work to offer young people ideas for their future, to foster their entrepreneurial skills and, as the ultimate goal, to prevent early school leaving. The project, which was implemented in 39 schools in six countries, followed a whole-school approach involving students, teachers and school career guidance practitioners.

European educational systems are facing a common issue: the persistent high rate of youngsters leaving school before having achieved a certification that helps them to be competitive on the labor market. Study and job orientation counseling service provided by school counsellors and teachers can play an important role in motivating students to complete their education. 



  • A collection of tests to support students in identifying their aptitudes, abilities and skills, with the aim of enhancing their motivation and future employability.
  • Tools to guide students in choosing their professional career, e.g. identifying skills for matching job profiles
  • An e-learning package which consists of six modules to give information and practical ideas for career counselling for students.
  • A video gallery with collections of interviews and testimonials of successful entrepreneurs and employees and other successful people. In these interviews, the participants analyse the elements that helped them succeed and emphasise the importance of school education. 


  • 7 contractual partners including training agencies, schools, universities, school consortium and associations;
  • 37 schools (mainly vocational, secundary level);
  • More than 100 teachers of all subjects;
  • Around 40 school counsellors;
  • Around 4.000 students including 1.300 with fewer opportunities;
  • 41 associated partners including associations, education centers, business associations, public authorities, universities.


The aim was to involve the labour market in supporting students’ motivation to stay at school and fostering their entrepreneurial spirit.


  • Transnational network of schools
  • Database of skills and aptitude tests
  • Database of relevant job profiles in the European labour market
  • Collection of learning objects on entrepreneurship
  • Testimonials of successful people
  • Training course for teachers and counsellors

Target groups

The project is addressed to schools, teachers, school counsellors and students.

studenten, onderwijsbegeleiders, loopbaanbegeleiders