Good Guidance Stories+

Erasmus+ | Strategic Partnership (KA2) 2014-2016
gsub mbH (DE)
Partner countries
Ireland, Austria, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, France
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Case study training modules for guidance practitioners for guiding low-skilled people.

This project represents a thematic continuation of the GUIDE project which ran from 2011 to 2013. The focus of this project is to develop case study training modules for guidance practitioners that are based on the case studies derived in both the 'Guide' and 'Good guidance stories+' projects. These training modules will be integrated into the training systems of the participating countries in order to prepare local guidance practitioners for the specific challenges associated with guiding low-skilled people.

Guidance specifically geared at low-skilled people, here defined as youths or adults that lack basic educational attainment, have no or low vocational qualifications, and possibly are lacking in/have poor basic skills, can improve their participation in society and the labour market, for example through the attainment of better qualification. The case study method allows the distillation of real-world experiences into training modules for the further practical training of guidance practitioners.


  • The development of case study training modules for guidance practitioners who work with low-skilled people. These will be based on six already existing case studies and teaching notes from the GUIDE project, as well as two further case studies in France and the UK, which will be developed in the course of the GOOD GUIDANCE STORIES+ project.
  • Regular and sustainable use of the developed case study training modules and the associated learning and teaching materials in the training systems for guidance practitioners of the participating countries (DE, IE, FR, IT, AT, UK).
  • Inter-European knowledge transfer regarding the effective and real-world guidance of low-skilled people.

Target groups
guidance practitioners guiding low-skilled people ( youths or adults)


  • two new case studies to complement the six completed in the GUIDE project (teaching materials);
  • a recommendation handbook (targeting policy makers & professionals in the field of VET for guidance practitioners);
  • a methodological guideline (teaching material);
  • case study training modules for the project partners (teaching material).


jongeren, volwassenen, loopbaanbegeleiders